mini ice age

The Ongoing Magnetic Pole Shift & Mini Ice Age: An in-depth explanation of the ongoing Magnetic Pole Shift, & The Magnetic Pole Shift causing a  Mini Ice … a Magnetic shift (Astronomy & Astrophysics)

by Amazon  Digital Services  LLC

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See for a complete explanation of the Moon’s orbital lock on Earth and the inner core structure and spin.

Moon’s orbital lock on Earth’s inner core

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Keredine Andrade Ganom

Scientist, Researcher, Author. Pen Name: Keredine Andrade Ganom linkedin: keredine Ghannoun facebook: Keredine A Ghannoum

One thought on “mini ice age”

  1. Appreciate this keredine.
    I can confirm through my experiential earthkeeping research which is also ongoing like yours is, that in the coming time what is termed an earth shift (not a wobble) is about to happen due to the Earths Core being reached just prior to the commencement of 2019.
    I can honestly say that the core exists and it has been out of alignment with its true centre since the beginning of human time on our planet. Keep an eagle eye out for my new WordPress posts on

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